How can I restore WhatsApp if I can't access my SIM card?

How can I restore WhatsApp if I can't access my SIM card? You can restore WhatsApp without SIM card only without restoring your old account data later. The only thing you can do in that case is to contact support and block all data.

How to log into WhatsApp without a sim card?

Instructions for WhatsApp without SIM: You just have to enter the number that Virtual SIM has generated for you in WhatsApp, get a code on it, activate your account and that's it.

How can I restore WhatsApp chats if I change my number?

You cannot restore WhatsApp chats if you change your phone number. However, you can save the chats to Google Drive or a local computer. To do this, select "Backup" in the messenger settings menu and specify the save path.

What is WhatsApp 6 digit code?

After entering your phone number, wait to receive an SMS. It will contain a six-digit code that you can enter on the WhatsApp number confirmation screen. The code is unique and will change each time you confirm a new phone number or device.

How can I restore my old WhatsApp?

Make sure your new Android device is linked to a Google account where the backup is stored. Install and open. WhatsApp. and confirm your number. When you are asked. restore. chat. and media files from Google Drive, touch. RESTORE. .

How can I access WhatsApp by email?

Open WhatsApp settings. Tap Cuenta/Account > Verification in two steps > Activate. Enter the desired six-digit PIN code and confirm it. Enter the email address you have access to, or tap Skip if you don't want to enter an address.

How can I install WhatsApp on my new phone with my old number?

Start WhatsApp and go to Settings – Account – Change number; Enter your old number in the field above; Enter your new number in the field below and click Next; Click Finish and confirm your phone number with the code from the SMS that will be sent to your new number.

What happens to WhatsApp if another SIM is inserted?

WhatsApp message history is not called to your phone number, so if you switch devices, all history may be lost. All messages will be kept if you change 'sim' on the same phone. Also, when the account is transferred, the list of contacts and groups to which the user belonged is preserved.

How can I log in to WhatsApp from a different SIM card?

Open ES File Explorer and rename the WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp and the OldWhatsApp folder to WhatsApp. Reinstall WhatsApp and check your second number in the official app. Next, follow this process for your first number on OGWhatsApp. Now you can chat on both numbers in parallel.

How can I restore watsap if the phone number no longer exists?

Use a new SIM card with the same number to activate WhatsApp on your new phone. Email us the phrase "Lost/Stolen: Deactivate my account" in the body of the email and your phone number. in full international format, as indicated here.

How can I restore my WhatsApp correspondence if I have not made a backup?

Uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone (make sure you are uninstalling the app, not removing it from the desktop). Open Google Play and download the app again. Enter your account details. Next, the service will ask you to download the messages and media files from the cloud. Press «. Restore. «.

How can I restore WhatsApp on another phone?

You cannot restore WhatsApp chats if you change your phone number. However, you can save the chats to Google Drive or your local computer. To do this, in the messenger menu, in the settings, you need to select the item “Backup” and specify the save path. You can also export the chats in *txt format to your computer.

How can I know my WhatsApp code?

Open. WhatsApp. > tap More options > Settings. Tap the QR code icon. next to your name.

How can I get a code on WhatsApp?

Enter your phone number: Select your country from the list. Tap Done to receive your registration code. . If prompted, you can also tap Call me to get the code over the phone. Enter the six digit code. that you will receive by SMS or phone call. Note.

How can I confirm my WhatsApp number?

Enter. its. number. of. telephone. Select your country from the list. The country code field on the left will be filled in automatically. Enter. your. number. of. telephone. in. the. countryside. of. the. right. Click Next to request the code. Enter the six-digit code that you will receive in the SMS.